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Data Database

📦 Marklogic

Marklogic For a recap on what-is-marklogic-server, see this article. Documents Add Documents Using Javascript: From Files ‘use strict’; declareUpdate(); // Mandatory to edit resources in MArklogic xdmp.documentLoad(“path/file.json”); // Keep Uri as path/file.json xdmp.documentLoad(“path/file.json”, {‘uri’: ‘NewUriPath’}); // Change Uri to NewUriPath /*Load Bulk documents*/ const pathToDocs = ‘/home/Docs’; const docResults = xdmp.filesystemDirectory(pathYoDocs); docResults.forEach(fucntion(doc){ xdmp.documentLoad(doc.pathname, {‘uri’:’/patents/’+doc.filename})}); Using …


🖥️ Handling External Dependencies Update

I. Overview Navigating large-scale projects invariably involves managing external dependencies. The onus falls on the developer and project overseer to continuously seek updates and decide their applicability. This guide provides insights into the aspects of updating external packages. II. Advantages of Updating Unlocks the potential to incorporate new features into your existing project. Addresses issues …


🖥️ Find a text in Vim and Vi

This is how to search a text in Vim and Vi : Go to your file folder and open your file $> cd path/to/your/file $> vi yourFile.extension Press ESC key Type / folloed with your text to find. Example /haizly Press Enter Hit n to search for the next occurence and N to search backwards

Docker Process

⚙️ Automating Docker Startup on Windows: Ensuring Hassle-Free Workflows

Let us see how to automatically start Docker on Windows immediatly after start-up. In order to do that, you just need to perform the following steps: Create a text file and rename it dockerAtStartup.ps1 Add the following code: start-service -Name com.docker.service start C:\’Program Files’\Docker\Docker\’Docker Desktop.exe’ NB: Don’t forget to write ‘Program Files’ instead of Program …


🖥️ Adding TODO and FIXME in you code

I have seen many codes that include TODO statements. In general, TODOs should be added only in your own Git branch. However, there are cases where it is acceptable to let TODOs in the code base. Let us see it in more details. 💡 Please keep in that this is also acceptable for both TODO …


🔑 How to use a keytab file for authentication ?

A keytab is simply a file that stores authentication credentials information to help users access remote systems easily. The file contains Kerberos principals along with encrypted keys. Keep in mind that the keys are automatically generated from the Kerberos password. Thereore, the encrypted keys will change whenever you change the Kerberos password. How to create …