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Git Process

🖥️ How to use Git with Gitlab in 2023 ?

I’have been asked how to use Git with Gitlab. Here is a tutorial that explains the process to follow. 1 Install Git client 1.1 Install Git on Windows Go to Download Git for Windows The website will automatically detect your operating system and provide the appropriate installer for your version of Windows. Run the …

Git Process

🖥️ Using Git Workflow

Git workflow Today, it becomes more and more important to have clean and easy processes for your software applications developments. Wether you are working for a big company or for a small startup, you may have to use a code versioning tool. Git a very powerful tool for such purpose. It enables developers to collaborate …


🐛 Release Process using Standard-version

What is standard-version tool ? Standard-version is an incredibly useful tool that leverages a well-maintained git history to generate easily readable change-logs. This npm package is designed to streamline the process of creating change-logs and facilitate their delivery to clients. It offers several benefits, including automated version incrementing based on the git history and adherence …