I have seen many codes that include TODO statements. In general, TODOs should be added only in your own Git branch.

However, there are cases where it is acceptable to let TODOs in the code base. Let us see it in more details.

💡 Please keep in that this is also acceptable for both TODO and FIXME

Advices for adding TODO and FIXME in the code

Write TODO or FIXME that will be merged and seen by other developers:

**// TODO:YYYY-MM-DD:feature_name_optional:<your_username>:describle what you want to do here:other details.**


**// TODO:2023-07-11:9_points_calibration:Albert Oplog:Add fixation time of 2 minutes:read haizly paper before.
public int performCalibration**(){

will let other developers to identify you.

When you write your TODO like this, you want sort them when you want to see the oldest or newest ones:

grep -R TODO: * | sort

Write TODO or FIXME just for yourself:

You can write TODO and FIXME for your local branch like this:

**// TODO describle what you want to do here**


**//TODO Add fixation time of 2 minutes
public int performCalibration**(){

Remember, better have a simple attitude when coding, you will way faster.

Some good Tools you can use for TODO or FIXME


This is a VS code plugin. According to their documentation, this extension quickly searches (using ripgrep) your workspace for comment tags like TODO and FIXME, and displays them in a tree view in the activity bar. The view can be dragged out of the activity bar into the explorer pane or anywhere else you would prefer it to be.

Todo Tree – Visual Studio Marketplace

  1. TODO comments for Intellij IDEA

IntelliJ IDEA lets you add special types of comments that are highlighted in the editor, indexed, and listed in the TODO tool window.

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