Preliminary Steps

Establishing Connection between Docker and GitLab Repository

  • Obtain a deploy token for this machine from the GitLab repository (restricted to maintainers). More details can be found here: GitLab Deploy Tokens
  • Set up the deploy key as an environmental variable by running these commands:
    • setx GITLAB_USERNAME "username"
    • setx GITLAB_DEPLOY_TOKEN "deploy_token"
  • Sign into the GitLab Docker registry by running the following command: docker login -u %GITLAB_USERNAME% -p %GITLAB_DEPLOY_TOKEN%

Cloning the Repository and Initiating the Launch

  • Clone the repository using the following command: git clone
  • Navigate to the haizly-docker (replace with your own) directory and initiate the run command: docker-compose up
  • Include ports 80 and 8082 in the Windows firewall
  • You’re all set!

Adding a New Database:

  • Ensure that docker-compose is active and running
  • Transport the dump archive to the computer (This is a straightforward task when using a remote desktop)
  • Execute the youDatabase.ps1 path-to-your-dump-archive

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